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Solution Brief
Liquid PS™: Professional Services

Experts to help you assess and improve your security posture, and
respond to and remediate incidents.

Where do you start improving your cybersecurity?


Applying best-of-breed security technology for your expanding security perimeter may not be enough to maintain or improve your security posture. Even with the best software, outdated user training and new attack vectors can increase your security risk.


If an incident occurs, your team will need to not only contain and remediate it, but take preventive steps to avoid a recurrence. Can your security staff handle this burden? Do you have a trusted partner who can help identify immediate security issues, as well as create a plan to improve your security posture in the future?


BlueVoyant’s Liquid PS: Professional Services

provide expertise for immediate incident response and follow-on litigation support. Our experts will assess your current security posture and roadmap ways to improve it. This allows you to maintain continuous vigilance in identifying vulnerabilities and testing controls, as well as gain seasoned expertise on compliance matters such as CMMC or HIPAA, and expert leadership on retainer.

Key Differentiators

– Provide cyber due diligence for numerous organizations, as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), ranging from online gambling to multinational credit companies and private equity firms.

– Trusted by more than 20 cyber insurance companies to perform Incident Response for their insured clients.

– VISIBL Vulnerability Identification Services combine vulnerability scans, penetration testing, user awareness, and dark web threat research for holistic vulnerability identification.

– CMMC instructors on staff to help achieve and maintain U.S. defense regulatory compliance.

– Former FBI experts provide class-action litigation support, including dark web investigations and expert witness, for numerous U.S. law firms.

– Advisors have developed, implemented, and guided the execution of cybersecurity transformation roadmaps for Fortune 10 organizations.

Professional Services BlueVoyant Spirity

BlueVoyant Elements™, an outcomes-based, cloud-native cyber defense platform, includes Liquid: PS. 

Governance, Risk, & Compliance - Uncover, prioritize, and plan to  remediate cyber risks, improve security posture, become compliant
with CMMC or HIPAA regulations, align with CIS or NIST frameworks, or make better-informed M&A decisions.

Incident Preparedness - Improve your cyber resilience using Compromise Assessments; Incident Response Plans; Incident Response Team ThreatExercises; Forensics & Incident Response Retainers; VISIBL Vulnerability Identification Services; Core: MDR; Terrain: 3PR; and Sky: DRP.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Analysis -
Identify vulnerabilities, validate remediation, and
improve the security of your networks, personnel,
and products.

VISIBL Vulnerability Identification Services - Continuously identify security vulnerabilities, and periodically test response teams and employees.


Digital Forensics & Incident Response - Contain, remediate, investigate, and provide litigation support for your cyber crisis.

Cloud Security - Understand your cloud risk, optimize your controls, and develop a risk remediation plan.


Dark Web Investigations & Litigation Support - Gain actionable intelligence and context to protect against threats from the dark web, as well as expert consulting for data privacy litigation matters.

BlueVoyant converges internal and external cyber defense capabilities into an outcomes-based, cloud-native platform called BlueVoyant Elements™. Elements continuously monitors your network, endpoints, attack surface, and supply-chain as well as the open, deep, and dark web for vulnerabilities, risks, and threats; and takes action to protect your business, leveraging both machine learning-driven automation and human-led expertise. Elements can be deployed as independent solutions or together as a full spectrum cyber defense platform. BlueVoyant’s approach to cyber defense revolves around three key pillars — technology, telemetry, and talent — that deliver rock-solid cyber defense capabilities to more than 700 customers across the globe.

To learn more about BlueVoyant, please visit our website at or email us at

Professional Services BlueVoyant Spirity
Professional Services BlueVoyant Spirity

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