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Managed Detection & Response
For Splunk

Solution Brief
BlueVoyant: MDR for Splunk® Enterprise

End-to-end consulting, implementation, and MDR services powered by Splunk Enterprise Technology

Technology continuously transforms businesses and changes the pace of growth. With that change comes a growing threat landscape for attackers who traverse attack vectors and an increased need for the right talent- -security analysts, content engineers, and incident responders. Security controls now generate thousands of alerts, including many false positives to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, requiring the action of a human to tune or respond. Businesses struggle to keep pace with hiring the required expertise to build, manage, and respond to these systems.


Organizations that implement Splunk Enterprise struggle with data sovereignty, limited staff, and lack of expertise. They need help deriving value from Splunk to modernize their detections, increase visibility, maintain compliance, and drive outcomes that matter to the business, without moving everything to the cloud.

Combining a team of world-class cybersecurity experts, elite proprietary data, and process automation, BlueVoyant’s MDR for Splunk Enterprise serves as an extension of a company’s security team, delivering a level of protection that helps businesses sustainably protect themselves in a changing threat landscape. MDR for Splunk Enterprise identifies and mitigates threats as they emerge and ensures that businesses and wider ecosystems are always prepared for rapid, effective response, and threat neutralization. Clients benefit from our Splunk and cybersecurity expertise, and our consultative approach to solving their Splunk problems.

Key Differentiators

– Accelerated time to value

Measure the success of your investment in days, not months, with proven Accelerator programs that provide you with proper onboarding and log collection.

– 24x7 security monitoring

24×7 monitoring, detection, investigation, and reporting capabilities coupled with concierge services to mitigate risk and improve overall security posture.

– Splunk and security expertise

Expert analysts create content, reduce your data burden, remotely determine root cause and impact, and provide guidance for eliminating attacker presence and hardening of systems to prevent future attacks.

– Content deployment methodologies

Continuously updated, elite content delivered directly to wherever your data lives to protect you from the latest threats and zero-days.

Providing fast, effective, and intelligent detection-based content to address the growing threat landscape of your business, MDR for Splunk Enterprise correlates and analyzes network, user, endpoint, and other security logs in real time, aggregating disparate data and applying the latest threat intelligence to filter background noise, prioritize alerts, and respond to the most suspicious threat behaviors. BlueVoyant’s human security expertise, proven processes, and security operations leadership empower you to accelerate your Splunk investment to quickly mitigate business risk, enable security at scale, and support you wherever your Splunk lives.

MDR for Splunk® Enterprise Bluevoyant Spirity


Splunk Enterprise Accelerator

Professional services engagement focused on onboarding clients to the MDR for Splunk Enterprise service. BlueVoyant implementation experts provide data onboarding to enable go-live activities with the Security Operations Center (SOC) through a defined and repeatable program.

24x7 Security Monitoring

Real-time alerting, triage, threat indicator enrichment, and investigation of malicious activity with filtered notifications and alerts supported by a world-class team within BlueVoyant’s 100% cloud-based SOC.

Splunk Enterprise Professional Services

Splunk experts customize and extend the capabilities of Splunk, maximizing the MDR for Splunk Enterprise investment.

Investigation and Notification

Triage and investigation of alerted events by expert security analysts to confirm true positive, benign, or false positive, alerting the client as appropriate.

Indicator Enrichment

Automatic extraction, scoring, and enrichment of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), leveraging Bluevoyant automation with open source and BlueVoyant proprietary threat intelligence.

Risk Behavior Analytics (RBA)

RBA content provides an extra layer of detections by applying risk scoring to activity and enriching case severity.

Single-View Security Posture

Get a clear perspective of your organization’s security posture through BlueVoyant’s Client Portal, Wavelength™ with a security-specific view of all monitored data in real time.

Health Monitoring

Notification and assistance with troubleshooting if agents or log collection appliances become uncommunicative or unreachable, or output has not been received from log sources within the scope of service.

Simplified Compliance

Creation of custom correlation rules and reports that identify threats to sensitive data and demonstrate compliance with regulations like CIS.

Threat Detection Thursday

Weekly content updates are automatically pushed out to all clients.

Client Outcomes

– Maximized value from your Splunk investment

– High-value escalations reduce alert fatigue

– Detection of advanced threats and zero-day threats

– Reduction in overall costs and fewer resource demands

– Mitigation of potential business disruption

– Satisfaction of compliance requirements

– Improvement in overall security posture

– Access to industry experts in Splunk and cybersecurity

How it works

BlueVoyant Splunk How it works? Spirity
MDR for Splunk® Enterprise Bluevoyant Spirity

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