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Digital Risk Protection 

Solution Brief
Digital Risk Protection

Take fast action to identity and
mitigate cyber threats

Gaining visibility necessary to guard against external threats to your business requires ongoing monitoring and mitigation. Without extensive data sources including the Domain Name System (DNS) data sets, clear, deep, and dark web, instant messaging, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) breach data, active scan data, and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) data, it’s impossible for organizations to guard against fraud campaigns, credential loss, data leakage, and threats to key executives.


BlueVoyant Digital Risk Protection

BlueVoyant provides organizations with the most comprehensive real-time visibility to external digital threats by continuously monitoring domains and websites, social media, apps in official and clandestine stores, clear, deep and dark web, and instant messaging. BlueVoyant’s extensive global coverage, data science, and analyst expertise enables identification of malicious “look alike” attacks, live phishing pages, and more. A competitive differentiator, BlueVoyant has an unmatched ability to take action on your behalf to eliminate threats to your brand, employees, and customers.

Key benefits

– Unmatched, comprehensive data sources including DNS data sets, instant messaging traffic, PII breach data, clear, deep, and dark web to monitor billions of threat actor sessions per month

– Exclusive, unlimited take-down capabilities due to cooperative agreements with domain registrars that no other providers have

– Twenty-four-hour takedowns of phishing sites/domain look-alikes, social media, and app stores

– Automated alerts, threat prioritization, and ongoing monitoring backed up by our expert analyst team, 24x7, in our Digital Risk Operations Center

– Product automation supported by expert analysts. Individual analysts assigned to customers

– Unique Executive Cyber Guard includes sentiment analysis

About BlueVoyant

BlueVoyant is the only company that brings end-to-end internal and external cybersecurity into an integrated, modular solution. BlueVoyant’s Ecosystem Cyber Defense (ECD) Platform™ is designed to protect organizations from sophisticated cyber threats targeting their infrastructure, applications, data, and executives. The ECD Platform is led by advanced machine learning, technology, and cutting-edge data collection and analytical capabilities, all enhanced by unrivaled cybersecurity expertise.

Digital Risk Protection BlueVoyant Spirity 

External Cyber Defense:

DRP Core Capabilities

Digital brand Protection

Secures your brand’s digital assets with industry-leading proactive cyber threat detection. It monitors your external attack surface to protect against web, social media, and app impersonations in more than 230 official and illegitimate app stores. Proactive detection and unlimited takedowns of phishing sites and domain look-alikes as part of BlueVoyant’s end-toend solution. Monitors fake social media accounts in leading platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Account Takeover Monitoring

BlueVoyant monitors the clear, deep, and dark web for threat actor activity to prevent emails, usernames, and passwords from being compromised or sold by threat actors. With a 24/7 SLA, immediate notifications of exposed credentials enables organizations to minimize fraudulent activity and take immediate action.


Fraud Campaigns Discovery

Monitoring private groups in instant messaging applications including WhatsApp, Telegram, ICQ, and Discord, BlueVoyant defends against the use of stolen customer data — preventing it from being used in attacks — payment cards and bank accounts, preventing the use of hundreds of newly stolen credit cards advertised and sold every day.

Data Leakage Detection

Our threat analysts scour the clear, deep, and dark web sources, code repositories, social media platforms, and instant messages, and through our avatars, interact with threat actors to provide proactive data leakage detection. BlueVoyant then provides detailed information about the event, the source, and suggested remediation.

Executive Cyber Guard

The threat of cyber attacks is not only the concern of large organizations, but also presents an ongoing threat to individuals in your executive suite. The resulting harm may be financial, reputational, and physical. BlueVoyant continuously monitors the exposure of personal information, stolen credentials, account hacking and takeover, online impersonation, identity theft, and more.


External Attack Surface Analysis

Extensive public and proprietary global internet data provides unmatched capabilities to assess customer network vulnerabilities and weak points. BlueVoyant maps customer network landscape by assessing hosting strategies, network dependencies, registration norms, and interactions between internal assets and external entities.

Digital Risk Protection BlueVoyant Spirity 

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Digital Risk Protection BlueVoyant Spirity 

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