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At Spirity Enterprise, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity services to fortify your business against evolving threats and ensure regulatory compliance. Our services include risk assessments, policy development, incident response planning, and continuous monitoring, all designed to create a resilient security framework. We specialize in managed detection and response, digital risk protection, supply chain defense, and virtual CISO services.


BlueVoyant provides advanced managed cyber security services, focusing on third party risk management, managed detection and response, and digital risk protection. These solutions help organizations protect against sophisticated cyber threats by offering real-time monitoring, rapid incident response, and comprehensive security assessments.

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Cynomi offers a Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) platform powered by AI. This platform provides tailored cybersecurity solutions, integrating seamlessly with existing security infrastructures to enhance protection against cyber threats. Cynomi specializes in identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating risks to ensure robust security for organizations.

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Please contact us if you are an MSP or MSSP and you want to add special cyber services to you portfolio!

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